The Eventide

The Eventide is the patrol craft used by Special Agent Tat Argota of the Sector Marshalls. Roughly the same size and capabilities of the more iconic Firespray, this KDY design actually saw a moderately successful production run.

The Eventide sports a bunk, galley, stasis holding cell and small crime lab. For a vessel its size, it also has respectable weapons and surprising maneuverability.

The maneuverability is due, in part, to Agota's partner Deuce. Once a standard R2 astromech, Duece is now an integrated part of the ship. The pairing creates performance efficiencies unheard of in starships of this class, giving Argota a definite edge over those he pursues.


Your really good at this thats for sure!

The ship itself looks a bit like a boing crossed with one of thoose flat fish...

Now that sounds like i dont like this one, but i really do.

The wings and the engine part of the ship is outstanding and its overall a great ship, now what was the model and series named again?

Cos if you dont mind i would want one of my charrs to have one of those aswell.
Any thought of the deckplan layout per se?
Would be great to se aswell.

ANyways, good job!


//Shadows are but the shape of light...


Thanks! I have not given much thought to the model name, other than that it was developed in parallel to the Firespray (Slave I). Thanks to the Fett clan, Firespray's got a little more fame.

I have some rough ideas for a deck plan, and another dawing with multiple views. I'll try and post that soon.


biggest question- how does it land?

I almost envision it rotating down on its (far) side. Either that or the bottom wing folds up (which is probably more realistic).

Great ship though.