Orn Fec, Colicoid Loan Shark [Request]

Request from Derf, for this very 'persuasive' and overall nasty piece of work Colicoid, Orn Fec. I imagine he's reminding some poor soul just exactly how far behind on their repayments they are...


All of you regular artists here are making me nervous about my own digital colouring... very nice work!


VERY well done. Looks like he stepped off the pages of some gaming supplement. From the thumbnail, I thought for sure he was a musician of some kind though. Which is no knock against the piece, merely an observation about my own thought process.


Whee! Thanks guys!!

HEY I got called a 'regular'!! I still think of myself as one of the newbies of the group, haha.


Also- Dred... it's the snazzy shirt-with-tails that did it, isn't it? XD Who knows, maybe this guy plays a mean synth viol during his downtime.


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