Dee the Ewok [Request]

rg000's request for their Ewok character, Dee. They provided such a lovely backstory and vivid description for an obviously well loved character... I had to claim it.

I ended up getting far more involved in this piece than I'd ever planned, and as a result it took me ages to finish... I can only hope it was worth it!


WHOAH! What a visual treat! Very vibrant. What a great, realistic background. Good looking Ewok as well. You outdid yourself with this one. The time you spent really shows.

I. J. Thompson

WOW! This is really good, Tusserk! I really get a great sense of the character... and man, I can almost hear the water! :)


The requester should simply love this. Beautiful rendition. Very good feel for the Ewok. Can almost envision Dee floppying down there, kinda the same feel as Wicket sitting down next to Leia.


Heeeh! Thanks guys!! Starting to feel it was well worth the effort, now...

Despite how much I'm pushing myself to try and work on all the things I'm less familiar with drawing, there's no denying just how satisfying it feels to sink my teeth into what I know.


Alright, this is so far above and beyond Tuss! Better than I even envisioned! I truly can"t wait to show this one off to my players, who LOVE Dee!


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