Miraluka Jedi

Here's a Miraluka Jedi in very non-traditional garb. Let the parade go on! It's not getting old to me.


Me either Travis. Love the glasses!... although they seem odd for a Miraluka to wear, but I guess I get it. :-D



Yeah the combo of red and purple hair and the headdress eyeglasses is smashing, and the detailing as usual marvelous!


//Shadows are but the shape of light...


"Miraluka Jedi in very non-traditional garb"

There seems to be a certain element of Super-Hero in her outfit. Very nice!


Very nice concept, the custom definitely has that superhero-look, but not in a bad way. And seeing glasses in SW is rare, so it's always nice to find some. The colors are really top-notch!

Travis Moore

I love the superhero thing. That's a great idea. I'll have to keep that in mind if I ever do my own superhero comic. Eclipse, I see your point about the glasses...I guess a Miraluka wouldn't really need to keep the sun out. I just know that Miralukas keep their eyes covered and I thought the glasses would look kind of cool. As I was posting it, it occurred to me that someone could easily take this piece and use it as a human character as well, one that happens to wear shades...lol.