Vynce 'Vynny' Summers

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Name: Vynce "Vynny" Summers
Race: Human
- Sex: Male
- Age: 35
- Height: 1.8m
- Weight: 150lb

Parents: Aeirin & Geena Summers
Siblings: Kell, Rikk
Home world: Corellia
City: Tyrena, "The Skids"
Friends: Lacie, Luna, Candi, Cam, Cordi, Charsi, Xandra, Roxi, Raxana, Mili, Elara, Ni'wen, Cici, Old man Krev, Slem the Shem, Barfly McFligis, Spikes, Womprat, Tooti Two-tails, Drunken JeeJee, Lt. Gerain, Lt. Nergil, Arthurro Vineen, Rak, Colt Ishtarru, Sgt. Ramesh, Luxa Brightstar,
Faction / Affiliation / Organization: Corellia Police Force (CorSec)

Personality : Outgoing, charismatic, and easy going. Sociable and makes friends easy. Keeps cool under extreme conditions. Usually gets a buzz from high speed swoop pursuits.

Physical Description : Fair skin, mild tan, well groomed, average height. Brown eyes - usually hidden behind dark sunglasses. Brown hair combed back in the latest fashion. Keeps his body fit in good shape. Wears dark jeans or leather pants and a white or grey shirt. Owns a Corellian spacer's leather jacket. Wears a silver necklace and a designer wrist chonometer.


My very first SAGA edition rpg character for the new year, and my second new render of the new year. Been wanting to get back into roleplaying over at the holonets, so what better way then to do up a new character render.

Comments are welcome. Feel free to guess which inspirations and influences that went into this piece!

And yes, thats his personal CMG HoverVette, souped up to give even the best swoops in the galaxy a run for their money.


Thanks! If you take a close look on the large version at D.A , the red lettering I changed to read as "Corsec" in Aurebesh ;)

My apologies about the 'earthen' feel. No worries, I'm happy for the feedback, opinions, comments, constructive criticism, and critique. :)

I was hoping to go for a particular feel. Feel free to guess which/where I borrowed certain influences from.

I realize SW airspeeders have a little more distinct design to them. Though there aren't nearly as many SW airspeeder varieties in 3d model form to use or choose from, so I have to use what I can find thats available free for download or buy vehicles (when they're on sale) that'll work as landspeeders and airspeeders, even if the designs are a little more 'earthern' styled or reminiscent. The content I buy usually varies between $1.99 - $30.00 U.S.

Perhaps when I get better at 3d modeling, I'll be able to model my own more SW distinctive looking vehicles, as well as those you'd see in the SAGA and WEG roleplaying books.

Here's another thing - I shop at mainly Daz3d (I'm a Platinum Club member), Renderosity, and RuntimeDNA.

Daz products used: StingRay (with my own white paint shader, and library chrome shader. Lightbar is a random freebie added on), Michael 4, Hardcore for M4 (the jacket), M4 Air Crew Set, Valiant for M4, Michael 3 (Twi'lek), Victoria 3 (Twi'lek), Dystopia City Blocks 1-10, 11-20

I download freebies from various sites like Sci-Fi 3d, VanishingPoint, ShareCG

Feel free to browse and search those sites. Apart from 3 or 4 SW styled swoops I picked up a while ago at Renderosity Marketplace, if you find some sw styled looking vehicles, by all means toss me a sitemail with links to said items/products. I'll try to pick those up when I can afford to or when they're on sale.

Core to the Quad baby!!!

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