Mandalorian Sunset

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A warm mid-summer's breeze blows softly, as a tramp freighter lifts off towards the darkening evening sky. Both a Sector Ranger and a Mandalorian Warrior lean somberly against opposite stone pillars; facing away from one another. The mood was mutually bittersweet from the events earlier that day.

They're more alike than different then they would like to admit. So perfect for one another would they be. They both fight for the same cause, except from opposite sides of the law. Sometimes its a cat and mouse game. Sometimes the Mandalorian or Ranger get in each other's way.

And tonight, it was one of those times. One filled with misunderstanding and crossed paths. The Ranger was called in to break up a homestead dispute. When she arrived, she had found the Mandalorian already there in the middle of it. A distraught family, wife and kid huddled in the corner. A dead man laying on the ground, Another man injured, kneeling, grovelling several feet away in the Mandalorian's crosshairs. The Ranger sworn by her duty to defend the innocent and guilty alike, she stepped in, putting herself inbetween the two men.

The Mandalorian, like a gentleman politely asked the Ranger to step aside; to let the murderer meet a justice he so deserved. And the Ranger said, "If you kill the murderer, then what does that make you?"

"What does it matter? You'll try to bring us both in anyways, and this scum here will be free to go to klll again after he serves his time."

As the two verbally parlayed, the wounded criminal was all but momentarily forgotten about. A subtle shift in posture, and the criminal readied a compact hidden pistol tucked within the folds of his sleeves. Skill and patience and the timing was right as the criminal attempted his swift deadly move.

But little did the criminal know. The Mandalorian reacted the same split second, sweeping the Ranger aside with one swift strong hand, and squeezing down the trigger with the other. A red hot blaster bolt kill-shot grazed inches past the Ranger, as the criminal missed his target. But the Mandalorian did not, and the criminal crumpled in half. The Ranger freed herself from the firm grasp, words and breath still caught in her throat. One looked at another, wide eyes meeting helmet visor. Then both awkwardly turned around and stepped away.

Hours later that evening, at the front vestibule of the local monastery as declared neutral ground. The Ranger and the Mandalorian found one another, like so many other times. An unspoken arrangement. Each leaning against the same pillar, back turned to one another, staring in silence at the ground. Neither can bring themselves to find the words to speak. Yet both stand there solemnly trying to find some sort of comfort in each others company; lost in yearning and self regret. The sun slowly sets once again in another Mandalorian Sunset...

Scene and theme inspired by the song "Malibu Sunset" by Edwin & the Pressure


Ooooh, lovely scene! Fantastic mood captured here... I daresay this might just about be my favourite piece of yours so far, TNJ.

Eben Shadestalker

Epic picture and a very good mood setter for the description

bic ori mesh'la vod'ika
translation: very beautiful, little sister/brother