Galactic Holonet Now!

Click for full 1680x1050 version.

Jundland has made it onto the popular music chart magazine "Galactic Holonet Now!"

Tell me which version you like better. Feel free to do up more Galactic Holonet Now! magazine cover art. I basically spoofed a popular music culture magazine thats been an industry staple from the earliest days of Rock'n'Roll :)

Lord Crumb

I like this pic better than the other one. The whole "Galactic Holonet Now!" is totally wicked and looks like the kind of mag you would find on the rack. Great job.

-LCT :-)


Thanks Lord Crumb! Most appreciated :)

Hopefully GM's will find this image useful as a game prop, or even build an adventure around it. Or even a player requesting can their character get tickets to a Jundland concert, and the GM asking "What Jundland concert?!?" Player hands over a printed image. The GM ponders for a moment, then considers it, and the players end up getting to the concert, but wind up getting (into) more than they asked or bargained for. [wicked GM grin]

These are 3d renders, and normally I don't like doing any post work to touch up the images. This is no exception here, as the only postwork was adding the text / magazine style cover art. This image and plain version - Jundland - description does say 1 of 3 images. I did have planned another photoshoot in this style with the remaining band members. I do have a third image in mind (Hoth Melted Over wasn't originally thought of as part of the set), though it got put on the back burner.

Guess I'll have to get the rest of those done. :)

Core to the Quad baby!!!

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