Taeli - Zeltron Freighter Captain

Taeli's a full blooded fun loving Zeltron at heart. She enjoys a crowd, and really comes alive on the dance floor (like a Mon Calamari or Quaren takes to water). Taeli's usually in a good to great mood, cheerful, bright, perky, spirited, and with a hint of playfulness. She's naturally empathic, and picks up on the emotions and vibes of others, and she'll adjust to the appropriate mood. When needed, she can also use her wiles to outstanding effect to be sensual and persuasive; she doesn't mind taking a hit for the home team. Taeli absolutely craves thrills, its the one thing that really lights her fire and gets her going on a high note. Taeli simply lives for the moment. She's a social creature and loves company, preferring a night on the town with friends than cooped up in some room.

Taeli keeps a tomboy styled appearance for her every day line of work - typical spacer's attire. Its not glamorous or high maintenance, just practical and functional, with perhaps just a bit of playful tease (such as leaving the front zipper unzipped all the way down, or adding a minor fishnet alteration to the midriff of her leather jumpsuit). Taeli's body isn't exactly super model pinup girl, but she still has all the curves in the right places; especially noticeable when she dresses up (or is that dresses down?) for a night out on the town. Her preferred boy's cut fiery red hair matches the color of her eyes equal only to her lively spirit. Her complexion is medium pink, with light purple lips.


lolz at the Zeltron line-up this week. Also, SHINY!! PURPLE!! ASTRO-DROID!!!



Thanks all! Glad everyone loves the Astromech paint job. Designer Droids / Astromechs... Who'd have thunk it? Could be a new trend in the making here... {grins)

Sorry Asok, I guess that's just the way the Force flows sometimes. ;) Hey, maybe its a Galactic Holo-News Network Documentary week: Life on Zeltros

Core to the Quad baby!!!

If your going to complement me, don't tell me my work is neat, cool or awesome. If you really like it, tell me why you like it and what you like about it. Only then I'll take it as a complement.


A Zeltron who loves purple...Mace Windu wants a date.

Really detailed work, and i love the stripes on the jacket
and the speeder...bril