E'han Varid - Mando Merc.

This next request is from Sulkon88;

"I was wondering if you had ever taken a stab at mandalorians by chance. My other main Forum RP and hopefully SWTOR character is a mandalorian mercenary named E'han Varid. I'd say he's pretty much every bit the younger mandalorian who wants to achieve greatness like Cassus Fett and later on people like Jango and Boba but during these days it's hard for a mandalorian to reach that level so he's been working his way with a mercenary band that includes Jae and other mandalorians."



Lord Crumb

Love the blaster bolts flying all over the place as the character moves over the open field. Nicely done.

-LCT :-)


that is 10 awesome!!! i agree with LC, the feeling of movement in this is really nice~


Great work as always!

If I could make one crit, the fabric around the neck that's trailing his movement... it looks (especially in the WIP blog) like it's connected to the arm, and is visually confusing at first glance. Might try to separate it from the arm visually next time you do something similar, either by breaking out of the body's frame or perhaps you have a better idea? Just mentioning. :-)

That said, it's a REALLY great piece, and the blaster bolts are nice.



Thanks very much Mercy. Love the picture and it pretty much encompasses what E'han is all about. Being in the middle of the battle and ready to strike. I was just wondering if you were going to do the suggestion someone had made earlier in the bblog about doing a alt version with the helmet off. Totally up to you of course and I know you're busy. Thanks again, can't wait to continue seeing the great pieces that you create.


Hey Eclipse - you know that's just the bit I keep going back to, myself?!
Something to work on in the future, I think...

Hey Sulkon - glad to hear you like the piece!
I don't know about doing the alt version - It does make more sense to have his helmet on when he's getting shot at! I might come back to this one, but at the moment I think I might just leave it as is.


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