Cerean gambler named "Brains" [---]

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First of all I would like to thank all the artists.
This website is a great resource for all Star Wars RPG GM’s and players.

This is my first request ever. It’s for a Play-by-Post game starting in a few weeks time and which is set 1025 years after the Battle of Yavin.

Hopefully an artist will be interested in giving this character a face ;-)

Brains playing Sabacc in a Cantina-like environment.
If the artist desires, he may be supervised by his human adoptive father Jerec (see the background story below). Please note that Jerec stopped playing Sabacc some time ago and, hence, does not participate in the game.

Character Name: Brains (real name unknown)
Type: Gambler
Gender/Species: Male/Cerean
Age: 18
Height: 2.02 meters
Weight: 87 kilograms

Physical description: Like all Cereans Brains has an elongated cranium extending about 20 centimeters above his forehead and housing complex binary brains. A tall, athletic young man, Brains is in excellent physical shape. Similar to most other adult Cereans males Brains is bald on top and the upper sides of his head. His long, brown hair growing on the back is kept in a pony tail. He has blue eyes and would be considered handsome by most Cerean females.

Background story: 1010 ABY – For unknown reason Brains’ father fled with his “bond wife” and their only common child, who was only 3 years old at that time, from their home planet Cerea. Perhaps he had fallen victim to a political intrigue or tensions between his beloved primary wife and seven other spouses (honor wives) had become so strong that he feared for her life. Or maybe his fellow Cereans, knowing that Brains’ father was a Jedi, betrayed him to Republic officials.
Shortly after Brains and his parents had left Ceria their spaceship was attacked by pirates.
Brains’ father was killed while protecting his family with his lightsaber in the hand.
His mother was raped and shot afterwards.
The brigands spared the infant’s life, hoping to sell him to an extravagant collector of alien creatures or to a heartless slave holder. But Lady Fortune had laid other plans for the young child. Shortly after the aforementioned events the pirate captain played a game of Sabacc on Nal Hutta against a well-known professional gambler named Jerec Threkin. Being drunk, the captain was willing to take large risks, putting almost all money the pirates had earned from selling their loot in the Sabacc pot. Jerec was pretty sure that he would win the game and – rather than facing a foe far more dangerous than himself – (reluctantly) accepted the alien kid as a bid when the captain ran out of money. Jerec never regretted this decision...
After “winning” the young orphan Jerec found out that the Cereans were extremely intelligent beings and – compared to humans – mathematical geniuses. He decided to keep the boy, so that the latter could help him keep his skills sharp (Jerec hoped that boy would once become a worthy opponent to train with) and develop new Sabacc strategies.
In the past, some gamblers had used droids for these purposes, but since the war that resulted in the creation of the Cybotica Union many biological beings had become suspicious of robots. Moreover, droid not being living creatures, bluffing either had no effect at all or too much influence on their game play (depending on how they were programmed).
The child, however, seemed to have lost all of his memories during the events that most likely had killed his parents (the pirates did not give any details to Jerec but he was clever enough to guess the truth). He still was under shock and did not speak at all.
Not bothering to find out what the Cerean’s real name was, Jerec dubbed the young boy “Brains”.
Together Jerec and Brains travelled throughout the galaxy, eventually building up a relationship similar to that of a father and a son.
At some point Jerec noticed during their training sessions that the young boy had special abilities.
Sometimes Brains just seemed to know what cards Jerec was holding in his hands and which ones would come up in the following rounds.
In the beginning Jerec believed that this was somehow related to the fact that Cereans are very intelligent beings but with time he started to doubt this.
Brains, however, did not seem to be in control of his special ability, as it only took effect in some rare occasions when he was facing stressful situations. Eventually Jerec just preferred to forget about it...
Today, Brains is old and experienced enough to start a career as a professional gambler on his own. Jerec seems to have lost his inner fire and does not care about Sabacc anymore. In reality, Jerec has noticed that with age his gambling skills have declined. He is not any longer willing to take the same risks and when there is much at stake he shows signs of nervousness such as trembling hands.
The time has come to cede his position to the young Cerean who has become like a son to him...

Personality: Being a very humorous and pleasant individual to be around with, Brains has a lot of friends. As most Cereans he is a bit clumsy, but he knows how to handle a blaster and defend himself. Brains is very grateful to Jerec for accepting him as a son and everything he has learned from him. In recent years, Brains has started to wonder about his past, however. In the beginning he was afraid to query Jerec (not wanting to hurt the old man’s feelings), but when he eventually asked his new father gave him a mysterious crystal with carvings (which he won in the same Sabacc game that gave him ownership of Brains).
Brains does not recall the events that killed his parents (he was under terrible shock that resulted in memory loss), but he sometimes has nightmares that make him wake up in a cold sweat.
The odd crystal is the only clue to his past...
Brains is more intelligent than most people surrounding him, but he can sometimes be naïve and still has to learn a lot about life. Just like Jerec he dislikes droids and the Sith Empire (which invaded his “home” planet Cerea, which is located in the Mid Rim).


I think this character has now been drawn, although it seems that the artist prefered to give his version of the Cerean gambler a different name and an altered backround...

Please refer to: http://swagonline.net/node/3164

The result is very nice, though :-)


Actually, it was a private request for my character for a home game we were starting up. I read your request the other day and chuckled at the similarity.

Evan Black

I chuckled too. It's now up to Mogul76 to decide whether he wants this request taken down or to leave it up for another artist to take a swing at it.

"Choose... Choose and Perish!" - Gozer the Gozerian


What a coincidence! But I’m EXTREMELY pleased with the result. And since I’ve been given permission to use this picture in the PbP game which I've joind and there are many other requests that need be answered, it’s probably best to withdraw my call (unless, of course, another artist insists on picking up this project). I’m sure that I’ll find a good reason as to why this mean-looking Wookiee is watching "my" back ;-) Keep up the good work, Even Black. And thank you for initiating the drawing of this fabulous piece of art, Tan-Par. I may actually use this "evil" version of Brains as an NPC in a table-top game that I'll be running in the future :P

Cheers to all of you!



The easy explanation is that the Wookiee is just the bouncer of the exclusive casino. No need to work him into the story unless you really want to :)