Happy Thanksgiving

Well, it's that time of year when those of us in North America kill the bird that was nearly named the USA's national bird, and eat generous helpings of it along with candied sweet potatoes, mashed (regular) potatoes, and various other sorts of food until we think we might pop. I for one am looking all sorts of forward to it. I should have a nice full tummy of turkey before this day is out, and I've been anticipating such a feeling for days now.

We have Thanksgiving down in Irving, TX every year (very close to Dallas) and so I had to get around all my grandfather's spyware blockers just to get logged into the site. Woo, was that a pain! I'm so used to my Mac these days that spyware blockers seem like a computer-hogging pain... oh wait, that's cause they are. If any of you noticed, like, 10 of me logged in last night, that was because of the same problem. Very annoying.

Well, with all that said, I'm happy to report that the dedicated server I'm building for SWAG is well underway. I'll be ordering in some new pieces soon (hopefully this week), but as the OS is Linux, it doesn't much matter what my config will look like as changing it is rather easy. Anyway, the install is underway, and once that's finished we'll have a server all to ourselves :-)! That is until I come up with another site or two that need some space. hehe.

In other news, I'm looking for Judas' email address. The one on his current profile is @swagonline.net... which of course doesn't work since I set the new swag up, so I have no way of telling him that SWAG is back. If one of you kind souls out there happens to have an address for him, I would be very much obliged if you would PM it my way.

Ok, well it's 8:30 in the "AM" and I think I'm going to go scrounge me up some coffee and maybe a little something to tide me over till dinner.