Ruthless Mercenaries

Looking for someone to do a portrait of our campaign party. The links in this post are all to previous illustrations of the characters my brother did before the campaign started. Use them as inspiration, but you definitely have artistic license to make any changes you want. Six characters, all very interesting, trying to survive a crazy campaign. Xanthuss Lu'kla, a Caamasi Holonet journalist, wrote an article exposing corruption and cartel ties in the Jinrah corporation, a privately owned technology developer. Jinrah promptly placed a bounty on Xanthuss' head, and hired a group of cartel members to hunt him down. Xanthuss went into hiding, and his frustrated hunters killed his parents and kidnapped his child to flush him out. Grief-stricken, Xanthus hired his own group of mercs to seek revenge. Xanthus' crew is as follows: Owari Dayo is a near-human scout. Unbeknowst to the crew, Owari is part of a Nagai advance team, sent into known space in order to locate a planet ideal for invasion (our campaign predates the Nagai invasion of Zeltros). Owari accepts Xanthuss' contract as a cover for his real mission. Nallo Lanix is a Morseerian soldier known to the crew as Pono Waniri, and is actually working for Xanthuss in order to gather credits and material for his own revenge plot (see here). Ashla Naari is a Togrutan Force Adept. She was drawn to the group by a Force vision, and serves as our moral compass. Secretly, she travels with us in the hope that she will one day encounter a mysterious Jedi from her past. Ghost is Defel, and a former infiltration and espionage contractor for Imperial Intelligence. On the run from his past and desperate for work, he accepted Xanthuss' offer in exchange for a tidy sum of credits. Remi is a Ryn tech specialist. In preparation for the voyage, Xanthuss purchased a beat-up old freighter called the "Swinging Mynock". Remi is a fixture on the Mynock, and has served as its mechanic for as long as the ship has been flying. Even after purchase, he could not be convinced to leave, and the crew reluctantly agreed to let him stay on as mechanic. If you have any specific questions about a character, are interested in an expanded backstory, or want to know more details about our campaign, just let me know!