a pirate frigate request

in this campaign i'm running up i've got this idea that the bad guy in it is the son of a certain Moff. he was disowned by his father and chose to use daddy's money  and imperial connections to buy a military-grade ship and outfit it with luxurious accomodations, an increase to its already formidable arsenal, and a bunch of droids to crew the thing until he can get some proper swarthy space-dogs.


I envision it to have a hangar large enough for four shuttles in the bow, just under the bridge, below that are two smaller apatures housing launch racks for six TIE fighters each. i want these to be just big enough for a TIE fighter to go through, and are basically just tunnels from where the TIEs are fueled and seviced to where they wait for launch. to land the TIEs just use the main hangar, where they get put on the launch racks and sent to the sevice bay. 



she has 6 dual heavy turbolaser turrets,  6 proton torpedo launchers,  5 dual medium ion cannon turrets, 4 dual light ion canon turrets, and 10 dual laser cannon turrets. all but the laser cannons are arranged to easily engagetargets over the frone firing arc, with a more or less even distribution above, below, and to port and starboard. the Laser Cannons are arranged in a similar fashion, only with the aft fire arc as its primary focus, leaving the main battery and Ion cannons to cover the front of the ship.  the torpedo launchers are fixed in the forward position.


the ship is a corellian design, meant to be a sort of transport and fire support vessel for Imperial special forces units, but the empire passed on the idea, leaving the small shipbuilding firm who designed her stuck with this expensive ship and nobody to buy it, fearing bankruptsy they were more than happy to sell the ship to who they thought was a moff. 

in addition to her respectable firepower she also has plenty of cargo space, and enough accomodations for her 1000-being crew, the 12 fighter pilots, up to 16 aditional shuttle crew, and a fully augmented Special Missions Company. much of this space has since been replaced with a droid bay holding the 900 technician droids that perform the routine tasks to keep the ship running and the living spaces immaculate. a further chunk of the internal spaces was given over to a large workshop for the ships 20 outlaw techs to go wild in. finally, five small droid bays are spread across the ship for the 52 astromech droids present onboard.


this ship was already expensive, and no expense was spared in her modifications up until the moff found out where his money was going; which was about the time his son was done putting in what he needed and was just adding perks like an on-board spa for the crew.


being a corellian ship, she's faster than you'd think she'd be; and is easy to modify.