Imbats guard and docker

Hello the artists !

No way to find an illustration of an Imbat. I would need your help to introduce two specimen to my players.

One of the two brothers works on the spaceport docks for loading and unloading starships. He wears a helmet to protect his head, work gloves and a jacket without sleeves orange or yellow.

The other is a guard. He wears ostensibly a melee weapon. He wears boots fur, a sleeveless jacket. One sees his big arms and his torso covered with scars.

"Imbats were a sentient species, known for their size and relative lack of intelligence.
Imbats were a very large and bulky species, towering over 2.5 meters. Their legs were thick and muscled, with toes capable of grasping. They possessed disproportionately small heads with long, drooping ears. Their skin was leathery and tough. Imbats were known to be very strong and physically tough. They were greatly lacking in intelligence, and were considered to be only "marginally" sentient. Imbats were considered to be a very unintelligent species by others in the galaxy, and were exploited due to this shortcoming. They ended up being trapped into indentured servitude by more advanced species."