Heavy warships please.

I would like someone to design a new set of warships to be used in my storyline. They are going to be analogous of the Imperial-class Star Destroyer MK1, the Victory-class Star Destroyer, Dreadnaught Heavy Cruiser, and the Marauder-class Corvette. The thing is, each ship needs to have weapons and shielding powerful enough to take on ships twice their size and still come away the victor. Each vessel needs to have a pseudo organic look which can be mistaken for a Mon Calamari designed ship while still being different enough so it stands out. All the ships need to be capable of carrying starfighters and troop transports. The ship classes are the Phantom-class, Defiant-class, Nebula-class, and the Renegade-class Corvettes. The standard weaponry of a Renegade-class Corvette consists of twelve dual barreled laser cannons, eight turbolaser cannons, four ion cannons, and ten missile launchers. The missile launchers held a variety of missiles including Proton Torpedoes, Concussion Missiles, seeker-rockets, and flack missiles. At only two hundred meters in length, this vessel could defeat any other ship its size. Any and all help would be nice.

 I also need a heavy assault vessel capable of delivering troopers into combat and acting as a support vessel. Whoever picks this artwork up just needs to ask me to describe the ships in more detail.

Instead of Mon Calamari inspired designs, I would like them to be more saucer shaped. For example, the bow saucer section of the Akira-class starship.