Furry Fury: A Squib Bruiser

So, I got accepted into another Play-by-post RPG and this time it's Jedi PC's VS Sith PC's. Going to get messy and I snagged one of the darkside spots. We'll see who ends up with the titles of SITH, but so far Simuliratham (or Fist as I call him) is one level away from taking Force Warrior. He's going to be a Small, Furry death machine. The mental picture is this: He stands about 3-4' tall, medium build. Black/dark-brown fur with yellow eyes. He'd going to use both the Spec-forces K'tara style and the Noghri Stava Style (not at the same time of course). A pose of him mid-charge, mid-leap or something would be cool. He'll be wearing standard street clothes, and probably not wearing a light saber, although if you want to put it in that would be interesting too. His build is Force Adept 2/ Jedi Guardian 2. Many Thanks, Lanin.