The Dirty Duo

First off. Let me say how impressed I am by y'alls art. Some of you are amazingly blessed and talented, and you're all far more talented then me. With that said I have a humble request. The Dirty Duo- Blitz and Drog. The Human and Gamorrean Smugglers/ Bounty hunters/ Mercs/ Anarchists/ Womanizers extraordinaire duo. There isn't much these two wont do for money. That being said they wont kill children... unless they try to kill them first... They treat every lady like a princess.... unless they act like a man. They never kill the innocent.... but that doesn't mean they wont put them on deaths doorstep. They do however kill every slaver they can get there hands on. Sentient beings should never be "owned". That's actually how Drog became Blit's first mate but that's a story for a different time. Blitz's Appreance- Think of him as the heinous man love child of Toombs from "The Chronicalls of Riddick" and Marv from "Sin City." Toombs Marv He's got hair and facial hair like Toombs and the heavily weathered and scarred appearance of marv ( few hundred Cantina fights and skirmishes does that to a man ) With a build that rests in between both. Imagine 6ft around 230-240lbs broad shoulders and big arms with a bit of a beer gut. With a cig in his mouth. Blitz's Equipment- He wears Baggy Combat fatigues tucked into big black mud hole stomping boots. He carries two Suppressed and scoped DL-44 heavy blaster Pistols in holsters on his leather utility belt. As for the rest I'll leave it up to the artist. With a few notes. Blitz's motto is "Fight smarter not harder". Although he'll never run from a stand up fight he'd much rather put his blaster behind someones ear when they're sleeping, and if that's not possible he'd try and rig there speeder to blow. The sort of man that has no qualms kicking some one in the nuts during a brawl or poking a duros in the eye. He likes leather and earth tones. Dislikes armor. Drog's Appearance- Drog is massive. Even for a Gamorrean. Closer to seven feet then six and weighing around 380lbs. Dark green skin and broad rippling muscles. Truly a sight to behold. One of his eyes is gone due to taking a glancing blow from a vibro ax when he was six. People often ask why he hasn't gotten a cybernetic replacement. His reply, "Drog. women. drink. crush stick. ... *grunt*... no credits". Drog's equipment- Since he's became Blitz's first mate, and tasted true freedom, Drog has had a dream. That dream is to be one of the first Gamorrean males to die of old age. Snuggled into a bed with as many wenches as he can afford. This has caused him to break from the gamorrean tradition of wearing shitty armor. Drog wears custom made durasteel plate armor. He carries a large round shield made out of mandolorian iron ( beskar ) which he slings on his back when not in use. He carries a large Arg'garok ( gamorrean vibro ax )that most would consider a two handed weapon in his other hand. The rest i'll leave up to the artist. Just remember that he's a gamorrean and not a fan of tecno colors. P.S. thanks for the time. If this turns out as awesome as most i've seen i'm hanging it in my man cave. I know TL:DR but y'all said you wanted detail.