Zabrak Merc - Bara'Takz Hemora [Asok-Sniped]


Need a Portrait of a Zabrak Mercenary Character of mine.

Laid back but stern, usually foul mooded.

Bara was a slave born on Rattatak who was found guilty of killing his master for the death of his father. The Master's illegitimate son hoped releasing the slaves would make the pit fighters (Bara included) want to spare him and indorse his claim to the household. He didn't last the night.

Bara is as good with a blade or spear as he is a blaster, and even knows how to handle an eweb from his time during the pit slaves revolt, and how to repair damn near anything from his time as a slave aboard an ore frieghter following his being sold by the local clan chief who took control of his old master's estate.


Skin: Grey (may actually be half rattataki- isn't sure)

Horns: Crowned (Have examples if you dont understand what I mean by this.)

Hair: Shaved or Pulled back into braids.

Tattoos: Linear - unlike normal Zabrak traditional markings, Bara's markings are generally straight lines with sharp angles, similiar Zabrak and Rattataki in origin, think almost like a circuit board but with sharp jags at times.


Artists feel free to do with this as you will. And thank you ahead of time to anyone who takes this up.