Legacy-Era Duros Jedi Turned Merc Captain and Droid Copilot [Drig]

Hello, all! I’m more than glad to see things up and running here once more and for requests to have returned. You guys do fabulous work and I’m appreciative to all of you who take your time to fulfill these requests… for free, no less.

Anyway, let me get to my reason here…. The dynamic duo and GM characters for my RP, Legacy: Fool’s Gamble, over on theforce.net: the Duros Jedi turned Mercenary Captain Jav Boran and his Multi-purpose droid assistant, S2-56G.

Jav had been in the training and service of the Jedi Order for years before the Sith-Imperial War in 128 ABY, in which he and his partner, the female Cathar Kyrra, served to try and maintain order in the face of the chaos of war. They were not present of Ossus when the forces of the Sith and Emperor Fel’s Empire invaded and slaughtered those inhabitants, but were away on a mission in the Outer Rim. By the time they had returned to investigate the ruins of the place they had once called home, it had already been ransacked by both the Sith and Pirates. However, in the bowels of the Academy the pair happened to fall into the clutches of a team of Sith warriors doing an in-depth search of the Academy for anything the initial invasion force may have missed and to lay in wait for any Jedi that might be foolish enough to return. Jav and Kyrra were quickly overwhelmed and, in order to save at least one of them, the Cathar force pushed her partner into a nearby corridor, sealing a pair of blast door between them so he couldn’t reach her again. Not wanting to leave his dear friend behind, he attempted to cut his way back into the chamber before a voice touched his mind and told him to flee.

Returning to his Twin-Tails Fighter, the Duros Jedi fled Ossus and, with no where else to go, sought refuge with a friend of his, a scrap yard owner on Ord Mantell. For days, he sunk into a deep depression, wallowing in his grief for leaving Kyrra behind, despite her warning for him to run. Once more, the Jedi had fallen as in times past and he was alone. What was he to do now? However, his friend brought Jav back to his senses in due time and told him that when times changed on him, it was time to adapt. He might have to find a new way to live for now, but he didn’t have to do away with his morals or the teachings of his youth. Besides which, Jedi had managed to survive the purges of the past and undoubtedly there were still some out there. Pawning off his Twin-Tails for credits, Jav salvaged an old Imperial VT-49 Decimator which he dubbed the ‘Fool’s Gamble’ (a not-so optimistic view on the success of his new venture, or perhaps more of a sarcastic quip on his change of profession) and refurbished the ship with the help of an S2-series Multi-purpose Droid he had purposed. With a new ship and a co-pilot, the Duros would hit the stars, gather a crew and find his way in the galaxy as a freelancer… making the credits he’d need to survive while covertly trying to find any Jedi still out in the galaxy and find some clue to Kyrra’s ultimate fate.

Jav Boran is fairly typical as Duros go, physically, with moderately blue skin and mottled crimson eyes. He wears a maroon button-up shirt, tan pants, a leather belt with holster, brown, buckled boots, and a long, knee-length brown leather jacket (perhaps because he was so used to robes before). His crew would say he is a calm, cool customer, maintaining his relaxed, under-control demeanor in even the most dire situation. This, however, is not necessarily the case as he is merely able to maintain the illusion of control even if he is silently cursing in his mind. He is a fan of a variety of music and has taken to casual drinking since he’s ‘left’ the order, even keeping a small liquor cabinet in his quarters to share a drink with the crew or visitors.

Joining Jav on the Fool’s Gamble is his loyal co-pilot and partner, S2-56G. The S2-series Multi-purpose Utility Droid was an attempt by Industrial Automaton in 120 ABY to create a 'Jack-of-all-trades' droid to help cargo pilots and star jockeys in day-to-day operations onboard their craft, filling the roles of Astromech, Repair, Manifest and Protocol droids to satisfactory effect. While it could not best those droids who specialize in these area as their primary functions, its success rate for its assigned tasked has made it an attractive offer to pilots or corporations who do not wish to shell out the funds for multiple droids.

They have a generally pleasant, friendly personality, yet not overly talkative, making good traveling companions for pilots on long trips. As well, they are also programmed to grow and adapt over time as they interact with those around them and have even shown the ability to learn when it is necessary to bend the letter of the law when it comes to dealing with port and customs officials, including the ability to bribe those they need to when the need arises.

All of these things are present in S2-56G. He is often the only one the man will openly confide in and actually considers it to be one of his closest confidants. S2 came in Jav’s possession after he did not fulfill his owner’s expectations and was sold to an IA outlet on Ord Mantell in exchange for a full Repair Droid. It was here that he was discovered by the former Jedi and bought, at a discounted price, to help rebuild the VT-49.

S2 units have ovaloid heads with Protocol droid-like features, including round, slatted photoreceptors and a slit mouth. Their arms are uniquely flexible, formed with shielded, flexible metal tubes, with one between the shoulder and the bicep/upper arm (there is a shoulder guard over where the tube connects to the torso at the shoulder), between the upper arm and the forearm and between the forearm and the hand, which is substantially articulate. They have a vaguely humanoid upper body that ends around where the ribs would be and the wires and servos in their abdomen are covered by a flexible metal sheath, similar to those on the arms, which connects to the pelvis. Their legs have a good range of movement yet some still retain a bit of the shuffling gate of some droid models. S2 units have storage compartments in their arms and legs for various gadgets and tools, with large storage compartments in their thighs.

S2-56G is 5’10” tall (2 inches taller than his master), has an evergreen chassis and yellow photoreceptors and a leather tool bag.

The composition, background and poses are up to the artist, though perhaps give Jav at least a smirk or something so he doesn’t look like the usual, dead-faced Duros. Feel free to ‘Star Wars’-ize the costume or adjust the design slightly as you feel it benefits, just don't over-do it. I like a more simple design for him. As you might be able to tell, Jav’s outfit was inspired by Mal Reynolds of Firefly, so anything to distance from that a bit would be appreciated. If you have any other questions about the picture, feel free to let me know and thanks to anyone who might be willing to give this a go.