Barabel - Not hard at work, just hardly working. [Asok]

So I have a few concept ideas (actually I have hundreds but I'll try to be brief and more focused.

Concept 1: I play a former barabel shockboxer in my biggest campaign. he 'skin' I have always envoisioned as black (though I understand this can be hard to do well since there is less to contrast). He is big, big even for a Barabel though he is relatively trim - no body builder at the same time. He has joined up with the Rebel Alliance due to the ring not being much of a challenge and that whole enslaving races thing that Barabels love so much that the Empire is doing. He does have a few distinguishing marks - a scar over his left eye - a vertical slighly jagged line a few inches above and below the eye. He is a rough loking individual but he does have a certain gentility about him.

The type of image I had in mind is a bit different though. Instead of an action pose puncing some guy in the nose or anything. The idea I had was the image of him siting back relaxing, dressed in a robe with his feet up and and smoking a bid fat cigar (possibly nursing some wound from a recent fight) with a big smile on his face.

So let me know what you guys think . . . I will be glad to provide more ideas , details, answers questions, etc.

By the way whoever decides to tackle this I relaly appreciate it. I love my PC but have no talent (escpecailly compared to a lot of you guys here - you're fabulous!) Thanks again!