Zabrak Sith Lord [Teebo]

I would like something like this for my recruitment videos please.
Name: Lord Kerberos
Gender: Male
Species: Zabrak
Profession: Sith Lord

Appearance: Dark red with exquisite patterns on the face aka like darth maul, and a black robotic right arm
Hair Style: 12 or so horns
Eye Color: black or glowing and color
Build: lean but not too muscular
Height: 6 foot 2 inchs
Weight: 180

Weapon(s): right hand: single hilt lighsaber (red
Lightsaber: single handle but two blades going out like this Clicky (the one on the right)
Armor: slightly exposed robe with a hood and black pants and light, black body armor

Personality: ruthless, calculative, pure evil, smart

Background: Grew up on the planet Trandosha, knows how to hunt and find his prey, no parents