The Titan, a new Walker

Way back when, just after i joined this site, one of the first drawings i could remember getting done was for my All Terrain Howitzer platform, but since i was stupid and never saved the picture, nor do i remember who did it, and after spending several hours searching via google and bing, i figured it was time for someone to revamp this piece.


THe Titan, also called the All terrain howitzer platform, was developed by the Imperial remenant during the time frame of the Vong invasion.  It took note that projectile weapons, such as the Jedi Shadow bombs and the like, often fooled the Vong's Doval Bassal defenses in space, so sought to do the same for ground combat against the Vong's animal creations.

It looks like a wide, 6 legged spider, with a fat 'torso' sitting where a spider's Abdomen/head are located.  Since it is projectile, much like the Tiberian sun vehicle, the Juggernaught (the one with 3 barrels), but sports several other weapons including several blaster cannon turrets (for fighting against troops and smaller vehicles that come against it) and some Vulcan cannon like anti-vehicle/air turrets, one for each side. 

It had a counterpart vehicle, the Ticker, which was also drawn.  BUT that i at least got a pic of saved.


If possible, i would like to see say 1-2 of these units drawn on a desert like landscape, where they are walking towards the 'viewer', showcasing the 3 barrels the walker has for its main gun.  If you wish, you can put in a few ground troops and speeders swooping around it.