New Species

So we've decided to try and create some new alien species for use in our campaign. Since you guys have been so helpful to me in the past, I thought I'd ask for your help in depicting my own species.

The base concept for these guys was created by a random generator (as were all our new races) so I did my best to work around that. The goal was to create one species each but being the overachiever that I am, I created three that live on the same planet(s). Blame it on the generator. It said they coexisted with two other races so I went with it. This request is only for one of those races though.

I've included a bit about the biology of the species in general and a bit about their technology as thouse are the most important parts of the request. While I'm happy for you to take a crack at any member of the species of your own imagining, I'm also going to add a little bit of info about a specific character that we may use to represent the race and is really the main purpose of this request.


The Alvari Union

The Alvari Union is comprised of three species living on the twin planets of Atria and Avalon. They are the Alaria, the Corolan and the Valdorn. The hulking Corolan hold most of the power on Atria and Avalon but the Alaria have begun to gain far more strength within the political structure. The much smaller Valdorn have very little power and very little desire to gain it. They are happy being left alone and let their bigger cousins fight between themselves.


The Alaria



A genetically engineered species, the Alaria are exclusively male. When they were first created, there was simply no need for females as they were all born through technological means rather than standard procreation. These days, when two Alaria choose to have a child, they use the technology of their long since departed creators to mix their D.N.A (with a little added tinkering) and create a son.

Alaria are “near-human” and can sometimes be mistaken for humans. At least from a distance. The closer someone investigates an Alaria however, the more they see the differences. The most obvious of these differences is the prehensile tale which Alaria put to good use, often using it as a fifth appendage. Although it is not as dexterous as their hands or even their feet and is usually used for holding items or to aid in their swinging through the branches.

Alaria faces appear very similar to humans and they tend to have similar colouring but on a larger scale, ranging from purest white to darkest black. Occasionally an Alaria will be born with a wildly different colour such as blue, green and even bright pink. This is relatively rare however but it has become increasingly trendy among parents, choosing their son's appearance in the complex D.N.A mixing process, to give him a wild colouring during his creation. While it appears from a distance that Alaria have exposed skin like humans, on closer inspection it becomes clear that they are actually covered in a short coat of downy fur.

Alaria eyes can be any colour, with the exception of white, but more often than not are vividly bright.

While capable of walking upright, Alaria prefer to brachiate (swing) and their modern cities and even their spacecraft are designed to accommodate this. As such, they tend to have slightly longer arms than humans. When standing still they more often than not crouch close to the ground and when standing they generally assume a slightly wide legged stance, making them appear slightly smaller than they really are. They also tend to sway slightly, never really enjoying standing still.

Alaria feet are closer to hands in the regard that they can grasp things, although they are not as dexterous as an Alaria's hands, lacking opposable thumbs. Most Alaria wear light footwear that doesn't restrict their ability to use their feet but some have taken to wearing boots in the wider galaxy when they have more of a need to walk upright.

Alaria are also double jointed, which greatly aids them when swinging through their home world environments and allows them to twist their bodies in ways no human would be able. Alaria are generally considered talented acrobats.



The Alaria were built as a race of engineers to help their creators maintain their technology According to the Corolan anyway. The Alaria have no way of knowing if this is true or not and some believe this story may just be a way for the Corolan to keep their smaller cousins in a service role. The Corolan are happy to let the Alaria perform the “menial tasks” of maintaining the machines of their world while they focus on their preferred areas of study which tend to be genetics and other medical sciences.

The Alaria have proven to be good at their given job and have even become renowned inventors. They are most widely known for their mastery of anti-gravity technology and their devices that manipulate air currents. Many Alaria prefer to use specialist “aero-gauntlets” [name not set in stone] instead of blaster pistols. These surprisingly inconspicuous gloves have a circular device built into the palm that sucks in nearby oxygen (with a distinctive powering up sound) before releasing the built up pressure in powerful bursts of air. This non-lethal weaponry has led many to believe that the Alaria are a race of pacifists. This isn't strictly true however and some Alaria do use lethal weapons. Many Alaria learn to use these gloves as an aid to their travel, often using strong burst of air to blast them into the sky and further through the treetops.

They are also fond of using small personal transports that are not dissimilar to hoverboards.




As for that specific character...

Kylan Jaxx is just about as tall as a human but the slightly strange posture his species generally adopt makes him appear slightly smaller. He has sandy blonde hair and bright green/blue eyes. His skintone/ fur is similar to that of a caucasian human, although if you've read all of this post, you'll know it's not actually skin. He likes to wear leather but often adds some other bright colours to the mix here and there. He carries a single aero-gauntlet (seriously, if you can think of a better name for it, let me know) on his right hand and often wears a shockboxing glove (which really just looks like a normal glove, not a boxing glove) on his left. He also carries a small vibro-blade, a toolkit/belt and what is essentially a collapsable hoverboard. 

Inmy head I see him crouched on the ground looking into a "camera" (read: at us) that's on ground level. But as always, I'm not holding any artist who chooses to accept this request to this image, or even this character. If you want to do a different pose or even a different member of the species then feel free. In fact the more images I have of this species the better.

Thanks in advance to anyone who accepts this and thanks again for taking the time to read another one of my lengthy requests. :)