Kar'chak - Tusken Raider mercenary


Kar'chak is a member of the Edge of the Empire game I play in, vicious as all hell and yet loyal to our crew to a fault. He is a blast to play with and a pleasure to work alongside when hell breaks loose. Standing at 5"11' and with a lean build, Kar'chak is not the intimidating sort if going by size but he more than makes up for this with the sand people robes and wraps that cover his body. He wears the traditional Tusken Raider head wraps and goggles with respirator attached, though the respirator has been refashioned to appear as the nose, mouth, and teeth of a human skull with the air tubes attached to the cheeks. Over top of his sandy tan and brown wraps and robes, Kar'chak wears repurposed Stormtrooper armor(painted dark brown) over his torso and legs, his arms only covered in robes with leather hide bracers. A bandolier hangs from his right should across to his left hip and attached to the left side of his chest plate at the shoulder he has a jagged skinning knife modified with vibro tech.  Bolted onto the hip plates of each thigh is a leather holster with two circular speed-reloads for his pistols. In each hand he should have a large, high caliber revolver style slug thrower pistol. Concept wise his pistols are more akin to sawed off shotguns in proportion and caliber than any "regular" pistol. He wears small animal tooth/claw trinkets dangling here and there from his armor and pistol handles and has the word "Ripper" painted on the chest plate of his armor just under the knife.

Thanks in advance to anyone willing to give him a shot!!!