Drinkin' Buddies

I was very tempted to post a request for a police line up of the four characters I've played in Star Wars games over the years (Zeltron engineer Trix, Human pilot Nikita, Anno-dat mercenary captain Asha and badass Kushiban Bobecc) but I realize that would really be pushing things and would be a lot of work for anyone who chose to do it. So instead I would like to request an image of a scene from our regular game, when Bob the Kushiban was just a cameo character (and, random fact, Bob has made cameos in all of my games).

Captain Asha and Bob are old friends and both have a love of alcohol. They have had many bonding sessions in bars and cantinas over the years with many alcoholic (and life threatening) beverages consumed over the course of their friendship. In one particularly memorable occasion, the two old friends met in a certain cantina on Tatooine and got so hammered that neither of them could remember what happened that night. It has become something of a running gag in our game that snippets of what happened will pop up in story. So far we've learned that there was a fight with some storm troopers where Bob stole one of their helmets, Asha, large dragon man, was seen picking flowers, they crashed a landspeeder, lots of drunken holo-messages were sent and, if you believe the legend, there may even have been a fight with a krayt dragon...

All in all it was a fun night.

Anyway, to the meat of the request. I'd really like to see an image of Asha and Bob in a booth or at a table, surrounded by mementos of the night like the stormtrooper helmet, flowers, holoprojector and maybe even a krayt claw/pearl or something. Bob actually does have a Krayt pearl but it's not clear where he got it. Obviously a metric crap-ton of alcohol should be involved too. I picture the two of them sitting there cheering their night, with arms high or maybe even singing.

I realize that this is probably still a lot of work but I would love to see this image and you don't get anything if you don't ask.

Character descriptions you say? I can do that.

Asha (who you can see in my avatar, depicted by the fantastic Tusserk) is an Annoo-dat prime who stands at least 7ft tall, has razer sharp teeth, four eyes, four massively muscled arms, carries a large sword and is generally a giant friggin tank of a creature.


Bobecc/Bob (also depicted by Tusserk) couldn't, at least physically, be any more different than Asha. Bob is a Kushiban and is therefore only slightly larger than a housecat. He is nonetheless the baddest badass in the universe. Bob is basically an alien rabbit, with big ears, a long fluffy tail and white fur. If you don't know about Kushiban, their fur changes colour with their mood. Contrary to Tusserk's depiction though, I would like him to have green eyes. I can't remember if I told Tusserk about his eye colour....Anyway, I'd like them to be green.


I think that's more or less everything you need to know but if anyone accepts this request and wants to know more, feel free to message me.

And as always, thanks in advance to anyone who chooses to pick this up.