Deckplan needed

Heya everyone!

Been awhile since I've posted, but I've found myself at an empasse trying to formulate a layout for the ship in which my players are carousing the galaxy, and I know exactly where the best Star Wars artists can be found to render such a layout. Also I'm playing around with some HTML on this post, so let's hope I don't look like a huge oaf.

To save your tired eyes, here's the tl;dr part first:

Ship Name: D.V.A.F. "The Dee-vaff"    Model- Gallofree Yards GR-550 'Leatherback'  Class- Light Freighter  Armament: Quad laser cannon turrets (one port and one starboard, midships), Single laser cannon (ventral, fore) 

What I have imagined and sketched so far just doesn't seem to jive, and I've got to give my hard-working group something to look at to revitalize and reward them for being such good players. Harkening back to the GR-75, it looks like the top half of an American football with various greeblies hanging down underneath, maybe with stubby stabilizers fore and aft to look a bit more Chelonian (sea turtley). Either way, I need a deckplan for it. Rooms include, but are not limited to:

A traditional wookie-skinning room complete with skinning table, five cylindrical cages, and secret compartments    A refitted hangar with a frieght elevator holding two speeder bikes, a hot-rod taxi, and a SWAT van  Quarters for four crew and five passengers

As for the outside, if it matters, or if a particularly skilled artist wants to take a swing at it-

For landing gear, I'd like to see splayed out feet from a conical central pylon, like a tripod lamp  and an aft-mounted, forward-facing boarding ramp with panels on both sides, resembling dorsal fins, to give the crew some cover upon disembarking. I've imagined a barrell-shaped engine housing suspended underneath as well, much like the classic Blockade Runner bridge, with swivelling thrust apertures like turrets at either end, if that makes sense. And i've always pictured it as being rust-red, but I've noticed I tend to do that by default.  Currently it has an extremely ungainly (almost half the size of the ship itself) sensor pod bolted to the side for a survey job they're doing, which is expected to be removed soon.


As for why all these things are on the ship, and its name, the group had stolen it from a Wookiee bounty hunter enjoyed skinning Trandoshans (it was a good way for me to redline a Trandoshan character) and since then, they have taken out a group of pirates, claiming the SWAT van and the Speeder bikes in the process.  The hot-rod taxi was a gift from a job they did for a crime family that needed them to travel inconspicuously.

The name is a bit more complicated, and, of course, illicits riotous laughter from the group every time it is used.  We never really got around to naming it, but it had to be registered with BOSS, so we were joking about names that would get us in trouble with the authorities.  Of course, someone suggested "Darth Vader is a Fag" as the worst possible name (if the phrasing there is inappropriate for the forums, feel free to amend it or let me know so I can), and it was so funny we couldn't think of anything else, so the initials stuck, and we just call it "The Dee-vaff". We have since joked about that being Admiral Piett's "...older code, Sir, but it checks out..." ad nauseum, and with much laughter.

Thanks for reading, and double-thanks if anyone picks this up!