Alderaanian Outlaw Tech

Hi there, just finally getting into a character in Edge of the Empire (usually GMing, nice change of pace) and this guy has got me geared up for fun.

Jesken Orainn was born on Alderaan during the Clone Wars.  He was roughly 7 or 8 by the time Order 66 came about.  Born to a mechanic father and servant mother to one of the middle level houses, his childhood and life wasn't anything terribly out of the ordinary.  He got his aptitude and training as a technician and mechanic from his father, but unlike his father, he enjoyed trying to get more from the things he worked on, rather than returning to function, or "stock".  By age 20, an opportunity arose to go off planet, and he took it, never looking back.

Within several years he had his own YT-2000, the Frisky Nexu, enough debt to keep him hungry for work (often looking over his shoulder), and all the excitement he could ask for.  Until, of course, hearing of the destruction of his home.  At 29 years of age, he has yet to return, and instead, buries himself deeply in the outer rim, where work has kept him busy enough to keep it off his mind.  At least until he feels he has something suitable to gift his lost family, in his Returning.


  • 29 years of age
  • caucasian
  • short, brown hair
  • hazel eyes
  • average build with broad shoulders
  • 6' tall
  • roughly a weeks worth of stubble
  • facial features similar to Sean Connery in Dr No (Example)
  • carries a Merr-Sonn Model 44 blaster (modified with laser sight)
  • usually wearing grey coveralls with faded CEC corporate logo, has patchwork pieces of scrap and armour strapped
  • seen with tools hanging from utility belt, or a full tool kit strapped to his back

Thanks in advance for the interest, and artwork!