BX-R41F(Ralph) - Mercenary Droid [JawaStu]

R41F is one of my favorite characters I've played in a long time. "He" is a modified BX-series Commando Droid hero I've been playing for a few months now. Ralph is a Soldier/Tech-Specialist/Independent Droid/Elite Trooper, who went rogue, turning his back on Baktoid Automata during the Clone Wars and becoming a mercenary for hire, extremely deadly at his craft. Ralph eventually joined the crew of the "Unkillables" alongside the other's of that team, fighting for the Rebel Alliance to bring down the Empire.

Appearance: Originally a BX-series Commando Droid, Ralph went through a phase of tinkering and "upgrading" to make himself deadlier, believing himself to not be as efficient a soldier as he could be. The lower torso and legs of his old frame were replaced with a Droideka Mark II's tripod/wheel motivation, with his torso modified to be able to take the rolling wheel form the Droideka are known for. His left arm remains from his original model, with a remote-viewer screen built into the wrist, the remote-viewer itself rests in a small bowl-like harness on his back. At his waist, a ion pistol is holstered, used for taking down other droids, whether they're enemies, or potential upgrades for himself. His right arm has been replaced with a B2-Super Battle Droid's bulkier arm, with the hand completely removed, replaced with a twin-linked Blaster Cannon and underslung grenade launcher, forming a triangle of barrels. He wears a backpack similar to the B1 Battle Droid, with a small arm attached to the right side, that loads grenades into his right arm's launcher for him but it normally remains folded tightly against his carapace. His armor plating, slightly heavier than the standard BX-Commando, is painted in solid black and white pattern, Ralph's way of giving direct insult to the Empire.

Thanks in advance for anyone willing to try taking him on!


Looking for inspiration and I'm in a droid drawing mood; I think I'll claim this one, if you don't mind :)


Hey :) I just got a new graphics tablet and was looking for some inspiration so I thought I'd hit up the request threads again! Glad I did, this one is already coming along nicely! :D


I was thinking it was good to see you as well.....but sitting at work currently, not supposed to be on here...shhhhh