A Female Besalisk Challenge [Evan Black]

Here is just a challenge for fun to see what type of results we might get from it. This would be for artists that really like working on species and/or aliens characters. I’d like to see someone render a reasonably attractive female Besalisk. The Besalisk are a stocky species which evolved from avians, the Besalisk are flightless and are often mistaken for reptilians due to their scales, sharp teeth, and long claws. Male Besalisks' heads sported prominent crests and four arms hung at their sides; females of the species could have as many as eight arms, one example of moderately appealing Besalisk male would be Dark Jedi Master Pong Krell.



She can be whatever occupation the artist likes, normal citizen, smuggler, warrior, Jedi, pilot, merchant, bounty hunter or an elected official of some sort,... whatever makes the artist happy. Let's see who can come up with the most original idea.