A Glamorous Holostar! [Evan Black]

Hello, SWAGgers!

I have here a request for a glamorous actress who could be getting pretty important in the Star Wars: Tapestry campaign. Her name is Jyllis Tromso, and she's a human woman in her mid- to late-twenties. She's tall, slender, confident, headstrong, independent and, while beautiful, is a far cry from the 'wimpy celebrity' type (whatsername from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, I'm looking at YOU!).

She has pale skin, long, curly, copper-coloured hair, and favours stylish, fancy dresses (the details of which I leave to you!). I should point out that, while dazzlingly attractive, Jyllis is typically cast in intelligent, meaningful holofilms (i.e. she's a thespian, not a bimbo).

If any of you talented folks would like to have a go at this one, I'd be grateful! Here's a (rather lengthy) bit of fiction involving the character...


The airspeeder whistled smoothly between Cloud City's towering buildings, a speck of light and sound in the early morning blackness and quiet. Jyllis Tromso handled the rented vehicle like a pro as Fi looked on admiringly, while Helbert Strand and Nox Wexler, confined to the vehicle's almost nonexistent back seat and thoroughly emasculated, tried to make the best of it as their thighs pressed awkwardly against each others' in the confined space.

"You're a pretty good driver!" Fi observed, as Jyllis brought the group around another hair-raising curve.

"I love it," Jyllis said. "I can't get enough of moments like this."

"I should take you for a ride in my ship sometime," Fi offered.

"A ship!" Jyll gushed as she swerved to avoid a fellow late-night aerial motorist. "Stars, I'd kill for a ship of my own!"

"But," Fi asked, puzzled, "surely you can afford one?"

"Of course," Jyll answered, with no hint of pride or boasting. "But when I'm on a shoot, I can't drive myself anywhere, for insurance reasons. I have to be chauffeured around - even planetside. So I could buy a ship, but I could only fly it on my time off, which isn't so often."

"Ah. Well, I'll be happy to take a turn chauffeuring for you!"

Jyllis said nothing, but Fi could see her in the dim light the speeder's dashboard provided, grinning ear-to-ear.

"I have to say," Nox Wexler offered from the cramped back seat, "I'm a big fan of your work, Ms. Tromso. I've seen all your holos."

This caught Fi's attention, and she turned around to look quizzically at her boyfriend. As far as she had ever seen, the boy's definition of 'art' amounted to little more than a minimum six-figure business deal or a high-energy gravball match.

"Oh yeah?" Jyllis Tromso replied immediately, a faint hint of challenge in her tone, "which one is your favourite?"

Caught offguard, Nox did his best to fill in the blanks. "Uh... well, it's hard to choose, you know. I like them all. Especially the ones where you play really... you know... strong roles. I like the, uh, strong roles."

Fi smirked, and flicked a switch in the rented speeder's dash. Presently, a clear partition raised itself between the front and back sections of the vehicle, soundproofing either side. "Sorry about that," she giggled, "I usually try to let him speak as little as possible."

"No worries," Jyll laughed, "I get that all the time."

Fi watched the city's many buildings fly past in the darkness, thought about asking a question, decided not to, and did anyway. "So," she began awkwardly, "what's the deal with your... 'boyfriend'?"

"Helly?" Jyll asked. "What about him?"

Fi giggled nervously. "Well for starters, he's old enough to be your Auntie!"

Jyll cackled at Fi's choice of words. "Oh, Helbert's harmless. And no, he's not my boyfriend. It's just important for a man in his position to be seen with a woman from time to time."

"I see. And what's in it for you?"

"Honey," Jyll began as she brought the vehicle in to a stomach churning and clearly illegal dive, "it may surprise you, but Helbert Strand's an extremely well-connected fellow. In fact, he pretty frequently plays cards with the head of Holopolis Pictures."

"Wow," Fi remarked, looking at her new friend in the darkness. "I guess business is business. 'No romance', right?"

Jyll took a second to look away from the fast moving landscape, reached out to touch Fi's hand, and smiled wearily at her. "'No romance'."

They flew on in silence for a moment.

"Of course," Jyll continued, "I now must ask, what's up with sport-o back there? He doesn't strike me as your type."

"He's not," Fi said immediately. "But he makes for a lovely distraction!"

Jyll grinned that celebrity smile again. "'No romance'?"

"'No romance'."

Blinking lights erupted in the darkness behind them, gaining fast. "Blast!" Jyll hissed, "it's the law!"

Fi flicked the switch to lower the partition between the speeder's front and back, revealing Helbert and Nox engaged in a lively discussion about the comings and goings of liquid currency. "Attention, passengers," Jyll announced in a mock-official tone, "it appears we've been invited to pull over by Cloud City's finest."

"Fear not, darlings," Helbert Strand soothed them in his anything-but-soothing icy tones as he reached for his credchip, "I shall take care of this. If the population of Cloud City is a menu, you can be sure that its Wing Guard count among the appetizers."

Jyll brought the rented speeder down onto the appointed landing pad as ordered, where a squad of the city's blue-clad guards were already gathering. Within moments the squad's captain was at her window, his fellows arrayed behind him and looking closely at all the vehicle's occupants, while the Wing Guard speeder, one of the burgundy twin-pod numbers, hovered nearby, just in case.

"Alright, miss," the captain began by rote, "where's the f-"

Jyllis Tromso grinned winningly at the startled official. "Was I going too fast, officer?"

The captain huffed in surprise for a moment, doing his best to collect himself. "Ms. Tromso! I mean, it is you, Jyllis Tromso, from the pictures, isn't it?"

Jyll batted her eyelashes dazzingly. "You recognize me?"

"Miss," the captain gushed. "I'd recognize you anywhere. I've seen all your holos!"

"Really?" Jyll replied. "Which one is your favourite?"

"Lovers' Moon," the captain replied immediately. "I... I saw it six times."

At this, Fi turned about in her seat, shooting Nox an amused and accusing look.

"Listen, Miss Tromso," the captain began sheepishly, pulling a glossy photo of the actress from inside his uniform tunic, "I'm a little embarrassed but, I heard you were visiting here, and I just thought, on the off chance, if I saw you..."

"You'd like an autograph?" Jyll smiled, taking the photo and grabbing a stylus from the vehicle's dash. "Who shall I make it out to?"

The captain actually bounced a little in his excitement. "Rommin," he beamed, "Captain Rommin."

The actress scrawled out the autograph. "Here you are Captain, and thank you for the compliment. Now did you need to talk to me, for some reason?"

Captain Rommin huffed nervously as he took the photo back. "Well, you were flying a little fast, and not quite sticking to your lanes. Please take it easy, okay? We all want you to be safe."

"Of course, officer," Jyll obliged, "and thanks again!"

"Thank you, Miss Tromso!"

And within moments, they were back in the air.

Fi tried to make sense of what had just happened. "That..." she began ineffectually, "was pretty darned great."

"Celebrity has its problems, as you know," Jyll explained, "but it certainly has its advantages."

"I guess that's the difference between drama people and music people," Fi observed. "Try pulling that little maneuver as a musician, and you're likely to get yourself a body search and a night in the tank!"

They all laughed (all but Helbert Strand, who did his best to put away his credchip without anyone noticing), as the speeder zoomed off into the gathering purple of early dawn.

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Tempted though I may be to ask you to do it, I'd feel guilty about taking your attention from exams! :D

(But I'd certainly be thrilled if you did. :P )

Evan Black

Though I already have two yoinked in my name, I anticipate having one of them done soon, so I'll take on this one as well. Yoink!

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