A quick little droid request! [Evan Black]

Hello, SWAGgers!

My last request doesn't appear to be capturing anyone's fancy, so I thought I'd let it sink and instead offer up a request for BT-7 (Beat), the musician's accompaniment droid!

'Beat' is a BT-7 rhythm droid belonging to Fiola Shaku. Approximately thirty centimeters in diameter, Beat is globe-shaped, with a chrome finish (designed to reflect colourful stage lighting), and a single photoreceptor eye. He travels by repulsorlift locomotion, though he can deploy three short, tripodal legs upon which to rest and recharge.

Within his memory banks, Beat contains many thousands of different rhythms from across the galaxy, and can play any of them on command, at any tempo. His chassis boasts two modest stereophonic speakers (for practicing at home), or the droid can use his onboard scomplink arm to plug into any sound system, filling large rooms or even stadiums with sound. In addition to this, Beat has an onboard storage compartment with approximately two liters of cargo space.

A binary droid, Beat is not particularly verbose, but can make simple affirmatives or negatives known to individuals of virtually any Galactic Basic-speaking species.

If anybody would like to take this quick request, I'd be very grateful! Stylistically, I think it might be fun if Beat vaguely resembled a little Death Star (how much or how little is up to you). Though I should say it would be nice if his speakers were visible on his body, just so that his function is apparent at first sight.

Thank you for reading! :)

I. J. Thompson

Oh, thank you for taking this! I love this droid... wherever he may be today! :)

Evan Black

Well, perhaps I didn't get the request done as quickly as you would have liked, but it's done now. Keep an eye out for its posting, and I hope you enjoy it!