I just saw the wolverine movie and it inspired me to create a new character. [Hisham]

Sex: Male
location: cloud city
height: 6'
occupation: Boba Fett and Darth Vader's apperentice
face type: face nevver seen
age: 23
name: Jax
Jax was raised in Kamino and his father was Boba Fett. Boba taught him to use his natural flexibility to conquer his enemies. Jax showed talent by killing enemies with a pistol in each hand. After his training was complete, Boba thought it was best to not give him any armor and to let him excel in flexible and acrobatic skills. Before Boba Fett went to Cloud City, he was paid a great deal of money to kill Darth Vader. Since he had to be by Darth Vader's side the whole time, he made Jax kill him. When Jax failed to complete the challenge, Boba left to Jaba the Hut's palace without Jax and left him stranded on Cloud City with only his clothes and his pistols. Furious, Jax, with no one to look up to, continued what he thought Darth Vader's plan was, to terrorize Cloud City. With rigid and smooth edges on the building's walls, Jax found it easy to climb them. With the discrace of having a face of a Fett, he always wore a helmet and he always wore black to sybolize Darth Vader as an insult to Boba and pride for Vader since he was the only person he could look up to.

I'd like him in an epic pose with his two pistols. The rest is up to your creativity. Have Fun!


Awesome, man I hope someone picks this up.

"Life is to be lived, not prearranged," Luke Skywalker...


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