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Hello SWAG! I just joined and the luxury so far is stunning.
One of my made-up characters have an annoying name to write but I got used to it. His name is Zik Laarrzaa (zi-ck lar-zar) who was averagely easy for me to draw. He was a dark jedi around the time of 7899 BBY. His mind was completely trained to the dark side. When he was very little he studied the jedi defenses and characteristics so he could tell who was a jedi and who was not. He was trained by Skalla a skeleton-like legend who practised with two lightsabers.Zik used only one lightsaber and used the style where you hold it backwards like Galen Marek(starkiller) or Ahsoka Tano. His lightsaber was a sharp dark crimsom and was quite unstable. Zik had no other weapon butthe force which he specialized in force lightning.
clothing- He wore a pale tan vest showing his shoulders and arms. thin cloth belt diagonally laced down his waist. It is mostly your choice in pants. I pictured him with baggy trousers. and thick boots to go through swamps. He wore a important ring on his middle right finger which a cracked scarlet ruby sat. He was a righty so he held his saber in his right hand.
appearance- Zik was bald. A shiny pale but dirty face matched the color of his vest. He had one big pointy ear. On the other side was a bloody and bumpy scar with pmple- like spots over it. The outer skin of the "ear" was wrinkly like sidius's skin. This will be tricky foir artists like it was for me. Broken Nose. Moldy Teeth. Thin Lips. Yellow slits in dry eyes. But pleazzzz dont make him have thick eyebrows. Long ams with bruises and scars. He was rough.
You edit him by the annoyance of some parts that were tricky. If you draw him older make sure he has a faint orange beard or stubble around his cheeks. He died fom Mypheraa, a grand jedi master. Skalla was killed too by Mypheraa also was Evra Sala, Salcari, Rozali, Erezula Ziza( daughter of malvang) , Malvang Ziza( leader of dark jedi), Mew'argan, Zylock, and Nasidan Malo(acient sith). All these characters are made up by me in my Star Wars story. Oh yeh i forgot ziks 6' 2".

Rozali (mind my spelling)


HE comes from KAshyyyk. HE is human. Make the pic dark-looking. And the backround will be Kashyyyk. His expression will be grim-like mad, suffering. He likes to stand out from the trees because he is not afraid of enemies. In my story I dont know if he should fall in love with Malvang or not. What do you think? If he does make his eyes wet and a anakin-loves-padme-look.


Ooh... I totally love this description!!
If I didn't have, like, seven requests waiting for completion I'd totally take this one! Casca, you thinking about it too? I think you'd do an excellent job!


I really dont mind who takes this, I love both of you so much, thanks for the compliment mercy!


He was actually tortured, to tell the jedi his colleages, and then died. You could put him in midair with ropes that eletricute wrapped tightly around him. I forget what thats called.......... Anyway I would prefer it on kashyyyk, i just like giving options....


Are the yellow slits in dry eyes to mean cat-like? and if he is human..."pointy ear"? I wouldnt mind taking a shot at this but just want to clarify first