Samuac, the near-Human species from New Kisge [Mercy]

Yo! Long-time SWAG-fan, first-time requester...

I've been trying to track down images of the near-Human species called "Samuac". They've popped up in the occasional West End Game sourcebook (Secrets of the Sisar Run, Alliance Intelligence Reports...), but so far I haven't found any illustrations for this particular alien species.

So. What I am requesting is fairly straightforward: a picture of a representative of said species.
I'd prefer a generic image, one that could be used to illustrate the people as a whole, not a particular character. Still, feel free to toss in anything you like; Rebel insignias, guns, longing looks into the horizon, it's all good.

I do, however, have a very loosely defined image of the Samuac in my head. Or at least I'd prefer the picture to support the written material regarding the species.

Being an outdoorsy kind of people (I've read about Sisquoc, the only named representative of his kind in the sourcebooks so far), I see them as a fit and lean species, extremely well-versed in survival. Since their language is something called "Samuac Tree Code", I imagine that they live in the forests of New Kisge. This gave me an idea of them having well-developed claws, similar to Wookiee climbing claws, used for climbing and carving said "Tree Code" into tree trunks.
Other similar claw-like protrusions might stick out of aesthetically pleasing places: from bony eyebrow-ridges, from forearms, etc.
While they probably started out as a fairly primitive people, I imagine, that after having begun cooperating with their Rebel friends, nearly all of them have assumed some off-world manners and clothing, even some technology... so I'd appreciate it if they weren't depicted as loincloth-wearing, spear-toting primitives.
Lastly, being a near-Human species, they most definetly are Human-like. Just think of how you create aliens for Star Trek: slap a wrinkled forehead on the the suckers and - PRESTO! You have yourself an alien.

Anyway, you might draw some inspiration from Mike Vilardi's excellent illustration of the Arpor-lan species:

For further (but illustration-free!) information regarding the Samuac, Sisquoc and Samuac Tree Code, please follow the following links:

If you have any questions, comments, criticism or other cravings to contact me, send me an e-mail at pekka.paalanen(a)!

It's also worth noting, that New Kisge - the Samuac homeworld - was home to a Rebel Base. While many Samuac joined the Rebellion, they were practically unknown to the Galactic Empire.


Bumping requests is frowned upon :( .... Artists go through the requests and pick ones that inspire them. Patience is the only thing that pays off in the end.


Oh, I didn't know that. Point taken. I wouldn't call it bumping, though. I was just feeling a bit down, since my post didn't even warrant a "not interested"-comment.

The thing is, this is my first request. Thus being a SWAG-noob, I didn't really know how formulate my request so they attract the interests of the awesome artists of SWAG.

But yeah, sorry about that, so just forget my earlier comment, then...

"When will then be now?"


Y'know what - I'm yoinking this one!
I'll send you an email and start a blog.
Let me know what you think.