Wookiee Mandalorian! [Jawastu]

This is sure to be Interesting, or at least promising. Toricha was a pit fighter until he found his true calling as a Mandalorian warrior. He lacks the extended training of a supercommando but makes up for it with his strentgh, courage, and willpower. His fur is brown with a red tint to it. The armor itself will resemble Mandalorian armor of course, what I must have on him is a chest plate, shoulder pads, forearm plates, colored yellow please. Other than these the artist may put whatever he/she wants on em extra armor wise. I'd like his hair braided (the hair on his head). A bowcaster across his back and a large (width wise, not length) primal looking blade on his right hip for weapons.

Background doesn't matter to me, maybe a jungle but like I said, it wont make a difference to me if the artist prefers another background or none. He should look fearsome but not mad or uncontrolled. I left the description purposely vague for the most part to the give the artist some freedom but I think I left enough details there so it is not too freeform.

P.S. I didn't specifically say anything about a helmet so I just want to clarify that I do NOT want him to have a helmet. I just don't see a wookiee wearing a helmet, maybe its just me but thats how I see it.


I agree, wookie with a helmet? Laughable.

Interesting idea, methinks I'll follow this.

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Y'know, I wouldn't discount the idea of a Wookiee Helmet altogether. Don't forget the Wookiee leader wore a helmet in Episode3 (not a full face one though). And a Mandalorian without a helmet, isn't that equally as laughable? The T-visor is one of the key visual hooks that defined Boba Fett in the first place.


Id have to see it from the side to be sure but from the looks of it that helmet kind of looks like a jester's hat with the whole tail and jingle ball at the end thing going on. The heavy blaster on his back discredits his sense of humor however.

Anyways if the artist wants to give him a helmet then its fine with me, might be easier really and it would be...uh...interesting to see. It will either be really really cool or aboslutely ridiculous.


I guess it was kinda mean of me to unofficially claim this one just to prove a point and then leave it hanging.
I now feel like finishing what I started, so consider this one officially YOINKED!!!!