Tynnan Saloon Keeper... [Hisham]


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In the game I am in right now, my contact to the Alliance is Whistler, a Tynnan that runs "Whistler's Haven", a large-saloon on Conheav Prime.

The pic I'm hoping to get is Whistler behind the bar, maybe wiping a mug, or perhaps one elbow on the bar, arm flat, the other arm straight out, hand flat on the bar in front of him - think barkeep listening to/talking to a customer.

The bar is human sized, but Whistler has set up a ledge he can walk along and be face to face with his customers - those that know the western film "Silverado" will know what I'm talking about.

Whistler is a good barkeep and he's a better Rebel Intelligence Officer. He does his Rebel business in a back room, one of many, while Imperial crewmen and officers enjoy the working girls out front (or enjoy them even more in the "Champaign Room"). And his place is *busy*. Divided into four public sections, there's a club where food is served, a bar like "Cheers" - very friendly, a dance club with a stage for the live band and room to get down, and the "adult" room, where males, females, neuters, and bis of many species perform different things for the clientèle. Some back rooms are available for private parties, high-stakes sabacc games, and of course, business of all sorts.

I'm hoping that there's someone that is familiar with the Tynnans and can bring this character to life for me.