Looking for a 6'7" Lethan Twi'lek - Red skinned [Monkeyman]

Well Now I am dealing with my own actions.

The heart of this is just an image of Shiri in her working outfit that is a dark gray, with light gray and blue highlights, a utility belt w/ twin hip holstered blasters, and a few specified bits of armor. With a secondary image (smaller if the artist wants) of her in some sort of dancing/club'n outfit. And maybe something in between like gray pants, belt, blaster and a tank top....

Monkeyman has Yonked this already and is still on it, but is finishing another request first.

Below is the reposted info of the original request:

I have a new character in a SW Saga Rebellion era game and would like to request an image for her...
Here is the character info:
General Description:
Shiri Waran
Lethan Twi'lek - Red skinned (a lightish shade)
Age: 21
Height: 2meters (about 6’ 6” or 6’7”)
Weight: 82kg (about 180lb)
Eye color: Crystal Green (Clear green)
Lekku: a visibly lighter red than her body.

Shiri is very tall for a Twi’lek (though at the max height for her race that is normal), she also has an athletic build that is very graceful yet strong. She carries herself with confidence, though she speaks quietly. She likes to have fun when not making a living. Being skilled in the use of twin blaster pistols and some of the skills needed to making a live as a freelance gun or adventurer, she tries to do just that. When she can’t, she can still dance and sing at the local cantina to make ends meet when needed, but she tries to avoid that work.

She wears a dark gray, with light gray and blue trim, jumpsuit (like something a ships crew-member or port worker might) and combat boots; with a utility belt. She has twin blaster pistols, both in thigh holsters (like Han Solo’s). Her pack for the rest of her equipment is something like the larger streamlined hiking packs of today (lots of curves… just like her), the only other item that can be seen on her when dressed in the jumpsuit is a pair a combat knives: one attached to her right boot (outside) and the other attached to the utility belt on the left. This is her ‘working’ uniform or dress.

For relaxing and fun she is like most of the Twi’leks you see, wearing very little and usually just covering the essentials. This ‘outfit’ is usually a blue tone to offset her skin color.

She is a Scoundrel/soldier (2/1) in SW Saga. Being tweaked to be a dual weapon Gunslinger PrC (thus the twin blaster).

Str: 15, Dex: 16, Con: 18, Int: 17, Wis: 13, Cha: 15
She has the spacehound talent, making her at home in low- or zero-gravity.

A very quick history/background:
Shiri was used by her father as a bargaining chip to try and outsmart a Hutt he owed money to, but that backfired and left Shiri the property to a Bounty Hunter from age 15 to just over 19. She became friends and then the Bounty Hunter's assistant after the first 2 years. Learned some scoundrel skills and a little about being a soldier from him, Saved his life at one point, he repaid her with her freedom in the end. He ended up getting killed in a Nar'shida gang war, later his Bounty Hunter clan claimed the ship, but took Shiri to Citadel station (GM named it) a station in the outerrim territory where folks gather to stay out of the view of the Empire (game is set 2 years after the Battle of Yarvin). She settled in here and made friends with a local Cantina owner, who is also a red skinned Twi'lek, and his daughter.

The game is just starting, but I would really like a color image of her... If possible, I would like something that shows her in both her working outfit (the gray jumpsuit) and her relaxing outfit (barely covering the essentials, maybe something like the Twi'lek in the image here on SWAG ( "Clubbin'" ) is wearing.

If you need anything else ask, more detailed history... more info on the character and equipment. I gave what I was most interested in seeing in an image.

Slie Amos

Please Note: equipment can be left out if needed, I am open to discussion on points if the artist needs as well.