"Marv"-like mercenary character from Sin City [Tao]


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I would like for someone to help me out with creating a character illustration for an RPG I'm participating in where I'm playing a baddie based off of "Marv" from Frank Miller's "Sin City."

Personality/Appearance:Standing at over two meters and weighing around 120kg, Mak has a massive frame and is distinctly broad-shouldered, and is of an unknown near-human species. He is always seen dressed in an dark overcoat, white undershirt, leather pants and combat boots. His face bares several scars, testifiying to a history of violence and hardship. While he is currently eighty-four years of age, his species longevity makes his general appearance and anatomy similar to that of a thirty-year-old human. He is hideously strong and has a martial skill that rivals that of the most formidable soldiers of the galaxy. If his hand-to-hand abilities aren't enough...which is extremely rare...he usually carries a blaster or slugthrower of some type, and is a true marksman. And then there is the matter of his force capabilities, which are limited to an advanced form of precognition and crude telepathy.

Mak is a cold and unforgiving individual. While not what one would consider very "booksmart", Mak has more streetsmarts than most veteran traders and smugglers, and possesses a razor sharp wit. He finds a certain satisfaction in committing evil, and to most it would seem he lacks all presence of a conscience...or he just ignores the hell out of it. Conversely, Mak is very blunt and brusque when communicating. Usually a man of few words, when he does say something, it can be disgustingly honest and in-your-face. He truly fears nothing, and thus has no shame telling a perfect stranger what he thinks. Should anyone contest his feelings, Mak doesn't hesitate to "teach 'em a less'n" or "silence 'em fer good." His vices are gambling, women, and violence.

Here's a few pics to go off of, but you can find plenty of stuff under "sin city marv" on any search engine.


Anyways, I'm open to any sort of artistic endeavor and want the illustrator to feel free to take some artistic liscense and have some fun with it.

Thanks for your help guys.


Depending on the amount of artistic license I would be free to take, I might be interested. I really don't feel like making a Marv look-alike, but if I could use that theme to create something a bit more unique I would probably be willing to tackle it.

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