Nervous Rodian botanist [JawaStu]

Hey all, I figured since my last request got picked up with such nice results, I thought it'd be a good idea to request one of my friend's characters to see how it turns out.

He's a 20-something Rodian named Nesto, and he lives for his job working in a Coruscant arboretum, lovingly tending many offworld species of plants and fungi. He's been shunned from much of his family for choosing to focus his attention on vegetation instead of warmaking like his brothers, and as a result generally keeps to himself, preferring the company of flowers and trees to other species. Nesto's one contact with his family is his great uncle, who took pity on him, giving him an ancestral curved knife to take with him when he left Rodia.

Nesto generally leads a quiet, socially awkward existence, tending his plants on his own. Generally when he's forced to interact with other sentients, he twitches slightly, and his hand is always a fraction of an inch from his blade. Although generally easygoing, if he feels genuinely threatened (which is often), he has a habit of pulling out his knife and nervously yelling "Back off!" This doesn't help his social skills. Nesto's world of comfort and safety is shattered when a routine cab ride gets hijacked and he's dragged into an adventure with a Jedi and a cranky old cab driver.

As far as how I'd like him to look, Nesto should have the apperance of someone who's used to order and quiet being shoved unceremoniously into chaos and grime. Because... that's what's happened. Pose is up to the artist, as are clothes, although it'd be interesting to see his arboretum uniform, as well as the ever-present blade. He's tall and gangly, shorter than average head spines and a ligter shade of green around his eyes. Anything else whoever takes this can think of is more than welcome to add whatever.

I know if this gets taken it'll turn out awesome!


I don't usually comment on other people's request but I must say that Nesto sounds like quite the interesting character. This adventure with the cabby and the Jedi sounds like great entertainment!


Hello! Remember?

It's been a while without any updates, but I haven't forgot about this one, I promise! I'm hoping to update my blog with some new WIP stuff this week or early next.

Thank you for your patience! :)


Whew. I was just trying to decide whether or not it would be alright to ask about the progress on this. I didn't want to seem pushy.