Ortolan officer with unique weapon [Hisham]


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Greetings. I have here a character who I would be greatly thankful for having made into art. I will humbly look upon any offer with gratitude.

I am in awe at the talent I see here on the SWAG site.

Anyway, on to the character profile.

Toby Aambar is a male Ortolan character from my Saga Edition campaign, which has been running for about two years. The campaign is set in the Knights of the Old Republic Era.

Aambar is a strongly built Ortolan whose small stature of 5 feet 0 inches belies his heart. He is 26 years old. He is a major in the former Republic navy, and a hero of the Mandalorian Wars. Nowadays, Aambar is the military leader of a Rebel group of Republic loyalists who wish to rebuild the fallen Republic and therefore fight against the Sith Empire that rules the Galaxy with an iron fist.

Aambar wears his major’s uniform at all times, and takes great pains to keep it completely smooth and crease-free; he does this not out of vanity, but out of respect for the ideals the uniform represents in his mind.

Always with Toby is his unique weapon, a Force-imbued Warhammer that is personally linked to him. A faint mark of lightning on the head of the massive hammer is a reminder of the awesome power Toby can call forth by concentrating in battle to call a bolt of lighning from thin air into the warhammer, enveloping it in supernatural, crackling energy. The hammer also returns to its master after it has been thrown, and more often than not, it leaves behind in its wake a vanquished foe.

Aambar is a righteous and just man, respected for his intelligence, insight, and great willpower. His subordinates hold him in especially high esteem due to the fact that he generally leads from the front, inspiring his comrades with his courage and proficiency in battle. During his military career Aambar has received numerous medals, including multiple Purple Hearts for wounds suffered in battle. Often has his leadership led to remarkable victories against overwhelming odds.

My description of an ideal picture of Toby Aambar would read thus:

Aambar stands tall, intrepid, with his back straight. There is a look of grim determination on his face. His right hand is raised to the heavens, holding boldly aloft his Warhammer in a call to arms. Lightning enters the image from above, striking the hammer’s head and bathing it in a tremendous display of sparkling energy, its radiant glow like a beacon in a sea of hopeless night. Brave and invigorated, Aambar proudly wears his major’s uniform as he calls out to his loyal men: CHARGE!

I would be extremely happy if I could surprise my friend, who plays Aambar, with an illustration of his cherished avatar.

But even if no-one is interested in making a picture of him, I still hope you enjoyed reading about this great character who is portrayed by an outstanding guy who is also a superb role-player.

Take care,