Male Togorian Weapons Expert [JawaStu] that I've decided to cancel my group request, I'm going to start up the individual requests for the characters. First off is the Togorian weapons expert.

Again, I must stress that the group requires the pictures to be in a non-anime style (though some cartoon-ish style is okay) and that the pictures have to be in full colour. That having been said, here's the request;

As mentioned, the character is a Togorian male, who stands 2.8 meters tall. Born on the homeworld of his species, he was shunned by his family due to his unique colouring (which we'll come to later) and poor eyesight (which is actually a "normal" Human eyesight, but far below his species norm) which caused him to both stand out in a hunt and meant that it was hard for him to track. As such, he was quick to join the pirate gang when they came to his planet looking for a new job. He served the pirate gang for years, but when they died and the Polydroxol (another character I'll be requesting) saved his life, he felt honour-bound to protect the Polydroxol in return rather than seeking immediate vengeance on his former rivals. As such, he accepted the Polydroxol as the new captain of the ship and the two changed from pirating to smuggling. As mentioned before, the Togorian's hair colouring is different to most members of his species; he's largely black, with dark red stripes (sometimes seeming almost brown) all over his body. This guy is our weapons specialist, and so he has a variety of weapons and weapons holsters covering his body, ranging from heavy blasters to blaster rifles slung over his back, to a sword or two. His primary weapons are a DT-57 "Annihilator" heavy blaster pistol and a Sc'rath, the traditional weapon of his people. Clothes-wise, he wears very little, other than the weapons holsters and slings, simply wearing ordinary pants that suit his fur.

I can post more background information as required, but that's the basics.

The Togorian has recently (in our last roleplaying session) came into possession of an AD armorer droid which he has had painted to match his own fur. If any artist wants to include this droid in the picture, then they can feel free. If not, then it's not required...and remind me never to let my PC's go into the lair of a rich crime lord with weapons again...they weren't meant to get any more droids...ugh. thanks goes to anyone who takes this request.


There's been a few Togorian's around lately and I fancy a go myself...

Consider this CLAIMED!



Nice :) I have to admit that I was hoping you'd take it after the PM you sent me. :P I'd put another request up for someone else to yoink, but I don't know if it's good etiquette or not. Like I said before though...if you want any more information, then feel free to ask for it. I'm in the process of writing up entire biographies for all the roleplaying characters, so I'll link to that when it's finished.


Hehe, I was drawn to the Togorian in your previous group request, but was put off by the size of the group.

You can follow the progress of this request in my Blog.


Just so it doesn't seem like I'm being inconsiderate by not posting here - I love the's just plain astounding. Many many thanks for taking up the request, and I'm simply amazed at how quickly you can put out such wonderful pieces of art.