Jacen Fel: Imperial Knight [Hisham]


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Im looking for someone to help me visualize my current character.

Here is some background info....

His name is Jacen Fel, decendant of Jaina Solo and Jag Fel. He is aware of his family linage though he never fully trained as a Jedi. He was the CAG on a Chiss Star Destroyer commanded by Thrawn(actually a decendant). He was then placed as the lead member of a small team of misfits tasked to track down and kill the reincarnated Darth Jerick(the GM's ubervillian). On the quest to find Jerick, Fel realizes that he will not be able to defeat Jerick as he is, He finds a Jedi Grandmaster who has lived for centuries to instruct him in the ways of the force. He decides to take up the ways of the Imperial Knight (With some alterations of course)

6'2", Short Black Hair with the distinct white lock of hair over right eye. He is muscular, but not over the top. He also wears the trademark armor of the Imperial Knight and weilds a silver double-bladed lightsaber.

If you have anyother questions or if you interested in doing this character please let me know.


I never realized that this piece was taken till just now...

It looks amazing! I cant thank you enough!