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Triss' heart pounded as she neared the black heap of tattered robes, her breath caught in her throat as she choked out
She knew it was him lying there, broken in a pool of his own blood and potions, destroyed by the struggles that took place inside this room. Still, she couldn't allow herself to believe it until she stood over him. Triss knelt stiffly, a quivering hand reaching out to grip the shoulder of the prone sith lord in an attempt to roll him onto his back. Just then the subtle 'snap-hiss' of a saber caused her to stiffen more, the heat of the blade mere inches from her cheek. "That is far enough, Assassin."

The hum of the saber blade next to her ear was deafening, and she silently cursed herself for letting herself get ambushed like this. She knew better than to let her guard down. Her Master may of been a father to her... but this is just the sort of thing she would expect that traitorous snake to do in order to get her into his coils. And she fell for it, hook...line...and sinker. Still as a statue Triss weighed her options. She could tell the assassin behind her was a sith, or a very powerful darksider, she didn’t even have to turn her head to see the crimson blade mere inches from her left cheek and ear. Still, she would not die with her back turned to the enemy, and if this.....fool.... had wanted her dead he would have done so already. Slowly...very slowly, muscles flexed and strained as Triss rose to her feet, the blade gradually following her progress ready to end her miserable life if she were to make even the slightest of sign of threat. "If...” Triss rumbled impatiently to the man behind her “... you know what's good for you, you will back"

Impatience prickled in the force as the sith behind her responded "You are in no position to make demands, assassin. I intend to get all the information I can from you."

Triss' eyes narrowed as she slowly turned to face her enemy, careful not to get too close to the offending blade humming gratingly near by, she could feel the heat of the blade dancing on her cheek "Your efforts will be in vain, I am no assassin, and I have no information to give you"

"Do you take me for a fool?" The young Man snapped.

Triss raised an eyebrow as she cast her gaze over the man before her. He appeared to be a bit older than her, ten years at the most. Young would be a first thought, handsome another. He wore the black, traditional robes of the sith order, his raven hair spilled over his shoulders and covering part of his pale face. He didn't look as if he did much in the way of physical training, but his pressence in the force told her he would be a formidable opponent, if not challenging. “Possibly" she sneered with a slight, almost too confident smirk at the corner of her lips.

The boy’s gaze flashed in annoyance as he carefully moved his blade closer to her exposed skin, forcing her to tilt her chin up slightly to keep it from getting burned "I'd choose my words carefully."
His gaze then shifted and he snarled "Hands were I can see them or I burn a new hole in your face," This whole time Triss had her hand resting on her saber hilt ready to draw at any moment


Once again it is always a pleasure to see your work. ;)
Love the pannel work it does add a lot to the story and feel. ;)
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Awww, yay! It finally got up!!

You can just about smell the hair getting singed by that blade...! I always love Triss's red ribbons, such a neat little motif for her design, that you always work in so well.


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