Force Adept Child

Quick blog with original sketch HERE.

Lord Crumb

NICE! I like the ground level trash looking streets. It may be pretty in the upper levels but the trash has to go somewhere. As I mentioned in your blog, I like the Force Effect bubble around her hand.

-LC :-)


Ohmigawd. So cute...yet a little sad.

Very good work. I especially love the detail and colouring variation of her tunic/ the little tattered bits of her cloak.


Thanks! The backdrop was drawn from a scene in 'Blade Runner', I think I might have said in tha blog. I like the idea that the rich people in this city might be comfortable but this little one is destined for greater things...


Syd Mead's conceptual work rocks, Mercy... and so does this image! I seldom like to include kid NPC's in my games. They often degrade into whining kiddies. Much like myself.

Anyhoo, this character exudes maturity; she's been living on the streets and seems like she's done a bit more growing inside her head than most kids her age. The fact that she can use the Force also gives her a kind of Buddha/Zen/Last Airbender-vibe.

She seems way more interesting than Whiny-kin "lookz I can fly!" Skywalker did in Episode I.


Of course, you never cease to amaze me with your attention to detail and shading in the clothing. I agree with the others about the tone...although every time I see the title, I always read it, "Adopt a Force Child."

Amazing work, as always!


Ha! Force-Adopt-a-Child! Very funny!

Jace - I totally agree, Ep I came off somewhat Disney for my tastes and I blame it on the kid. It just occurred to me that really most force users were discovered at an early age, and we didn't have many of them in the galleries. Thank for the comments, eloquent as always!


I'm Going To Make A Character Out Of Her! She lives on Coruscant, Iim assuming.



This is simply too awesomely cute / insanely inspiring for words.


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