Stormy Weather

This image has been floating around in my head for many, many months-- a bit of a follow up on rg000's request for his 'koralh' species, featuring the animal that hangs out in his home game, along with its Dug rider.

I've finally managed to get it out, as part of trying to re-familiarise myself with Photoshop (after finding myself a few new brushes and a colour wheel, and my goodness am I much more comfortable in that program now!!), along with just a bit of general landscape/environment practise. Hopefully rg000's players will get a kick out of it. :D


Every piece is just getting better and better Tussy...

Love the emotion you've been putting into your pieces

Lord Cygnus

I feel like you've taken us to an extremely picturesque planetary setting somewhere in the Outer Rim Territories. Beautifully done.


Thanks guys!! :D

I'm trying to work myself out of a bit of a rut, this piece was heaps of fun and I just kept kind of loose and splashy and forced myself not to fuss with it a whole lot.

Casca- these are the brushes I downloaded (also I highly recommend a browse of the dude's gallery, Mr Jack does some crazy awesome work), the file comes with instructions of what folder to whack them into so you can use 'em in your Photoshop! I'm sure there's plenty more around the internet if you know what you're looking for. I think I need to have a play around with the pressure sensitivity on my tablet, too- I don't think I'm getting the most out of it, but my gosh I don't seem to have the patience for a lot of trial and error these days!


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