Sparks Logo

Here is the Sparks logo I did for my gaming group.

There were numerous thumbnails for this idea, but once we picked one I started the final. The piece was done in Acrylic Wash, Watercolor, Ink, Colored Pencil, and Digital. My friend David helped me out a little bit with the digital process (I am still like a virgin when it come to that) and laying in the type.

Originally there was no type involved in the logo creation, but thinking ahead about how else this could be used, I decided to add in more workspace (as in the night sky) to allow the room for type. I am happy I did, I killed a few birds with one stone. This began as a logo idea, and is now not only a poster that can be turned into flyers or business cards, but is now a huge banner for conventions as well.

So, a little thing to keep in mind....find as many applications as you can for one piece of art.



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