Selene 001

Meet Selene, a Tyrian Twi'lek gunslinging. The daughter of a successsfull small coporate businessman, she is a very resourceful individual that is not afraid to skirt the letter of the law (or break it for that matter) if it is in her personal interest.

I never intended to pin Selene down in any particular Star Wars era. However, I primarily use her for “Rise of the Empire,” “New Jedi Order,” and “Legacy,” along with my own fan-era “Force of Darkness.” I’m also thinking on how to include her into “The Old Republic,” specifically the “Galactic Cold War” era, but I have yet to explain how someone from 0 BBY ends up in the year 6,653 BBY with no “modern” starship and only the clothing on their back…

Constructed in MLCAD / Rendered in LDView.

Star Wars © LucasArts
Twi’lek/Twileks © LucasArts
Lego © Lego Group
Selene Dai’Ru’Lek © Myself


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