Aerograb 383 Sky Slicer

I got inspired to make this by seeing a hoverboard MOC done by Atamacher over on; the insperational MOC can be found here. The build was fun and very creative, with multiple reworkings of the board's front end. Of the 3 hours I spent working on this project, most of that time was used up trying to find the right colour scheme; I'm still not too sure how much I like the final colours, but I'll go along with it for now.

For the curious, sky slicers are the Star Wars equivalent of high powered hoverboards. They are essentially large durasteel plates with micro-repulsorlift turbines placed along the bottom surface. Technically all slicers are classified as a “no hands” type of swoop controlled entirely by the rider’s balance. While marginally slower than a standard swoop bike, they are more maneuverable, and allow for a wider range of aerial acrobatics than other repulsorlift vehicles. Many come outfitted with a low-frequency tractor beam for towing an additional repulsorlift trailer that can either carry an additional passenger or a small amount of cargo.

Constructed in MLCAD/Rendered in LDView

Lord Crumb

Looks nice.  If you added some fighter pods on the sides it would look like a battlerstar.  Good job.