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"The Crew of the Eden's Grace set down in the middle of the forest in an obscure backwater planet for a covert meeting with a contact. All but one of the crew left the ship for this mission. The Gran beastwarden Ren Kal'Sor (affectionately known as "Wrinkles" by the rest of the crew) had been drinking heavily the night before and when the others left he was face down in captain Koru's converted cargo hold/garden.

Of course as the crew came to learn, leaving Wrinkles alone invariably resulted in chaos and destruction. When the Gran awoke to find he had been left behind with only his pet Corellian sand panther, Kavan, for company, he hatched a "brilliant" plan to catch up with the others. The ships engineer had recently purchased an old jet pack with the intention of fixing it up. Of course Wrinkles had no idea that it needed work done, nor did he even have any idea how to operate the thing. But the Gran rarely thought his plans through and so strapped the faulty jet pack on and was rather pleased with himself for coming up with such an ingenious plan.

Of course when he actually activated the jet pack all hell broke loose. He shot through the air uncontrollably as Kavan ducked for cover and ended up crashing through the trees, setting a bunch of them on fire in the process and starting a forest fire.

The returning crew then had to rescue Wrinkles, get past the blaze to the Eden's Grace and escape both the local authorities who were blaming them for the disaster and a local criminal group who they had managed to piss off while Wrinkles was having his adventure."

Sorry I didn't get the Correlian Sand Panther Kavan... Couldn't find a spot for him in the pic! No bonus points for me...


Don't worry about the lack of Kavan, Drig. This is so awesome you should get those bonus points anyway XD
Thanks so much.

Lord Crumb

Does anyone else her Elton John singing in the background. lol. I bet he is thinking that he should have paid closer attention in that jetpack course.

Kia kaha


LCT, after watching my GM/husband perform Shatner's version while wearing a Boba Fett helmet, sadly Elton's version is NOT the first one that popped into my head when I saw t his!! XD


This makes me giddy. It makes me think of all the things that go awry while gaming. I love the technique. Perfect expression.


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