Kel Dor Sith

A Kel Dor Sith as requested by Thespius.

Half of a request.


Disturbingly dark...

and by that I mean good work!

I also agree, great job on the lightsabers...they really seem to glow!


That was Asok's suggestions on the lightsabers, I had them round tipped and he said make em fade. I was very pleased with the effect. Glad you all like it and sorry on the wait, Thespius. The Nautolan will be up real soon! Working on it right now.

Lord Crumb

A most excellent pic. Yes, the fading of the tips of the sabers is a nice effect and the Kel Dor character is great. The overall darkness gives the right kind of feeling that you are in the presences of the Dark Side.

Kia kaha


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